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Timesheet for Gloria K Employees

Employee Information

Instructions for Timesheets

Recording Time: Report all time to the nearest 1/4 hour. Do not show minutes. Be sure hours shown are correct.

Signatures: You must sign as employee. Authorized officer for client to whom you report must sign. You should then print their name above signature. Unsigned time sheets will be retured without a paycheck. Make two copies. Mail original to GLORIA K. Give one photocopy to client, Keep one photocopy for your records.

Lunch Period: Will be determined by the supervisor to whom you are assigned. If you do work a full day, the law requires you take one half (1/2) hour for lunch.

Never call our client: You must call GLORIA K at once if you will be late, cannot report to work, cannot continue this assignment, or if client ask you to work permanently.

Absences: Call us at once, we will contact the client. If you will be out a number of days it will be up to the client to decide on replacing you or awaiting your return.

Overtime: All authorized work you perform in excess of forty hours per week (Mon.-Sun.) will be at time and one-half the regular rate. You are permitted to work overtime only if the client requests and approves such work. Approval must be obtained from Gloria K by the client before overtime can be authorized. You must confirm with Gloria K that overtime is authorized before working more than fourty hours. In the event you do not obtain GLORIA K's approval, you will not be paid.

Incomplete Day: If you work less than the number of hours requested by our client, you should indicate on the time sheet -- "Left ill", "left personal" or "left work completed." If without previous notice your work day is seriously shortened by the client, telephone GLORIA K while still on the job.

Holidays: No payment is made for any holiday unless your time sheet is approved in writing by the client. Have the client contact the GLORIA K office at once, if you are requested to work on a holiday.

Future Assignments: You must call GLORIA K when you complete an assignment or we will assume that you are not available for work.

Contacting the GLORIA K office:   Monday through Thursday 8:45 AM till 5:00 PM  Friday 8:45 AM till 5:00 PM.

Before and After Office hours: Leave a message stating your name, phone number, where you are assigned, and why you are calling. Then call as soon as the office opens to confirm that we received your message and understand what needs to be done.