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QuickBooks Evening Courses

QuickBooks Evening

Students will learn computerized bookkeeping utilizing the QuickBooks software. This evening Quickbooks course will expose students to basic and more advanced tools used to set up and manage a business. Learn how to create invoices, make payments, manage receivables, and produce instant reports and charts. Setting up and managing payroll is also covered.

We offer group as well as one-on-one training. The course is hands on with you performing the exercises and real-world projects. An experienced, New York State licensed instructor will guide you, clarify information and answer questions. Our facility is located in Lake Success, NY.

Evening classes

    Our evening classes meet Tues/Thurs evenings from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.
    The course is 20 hours in total.
    Class sizes are small (usually 5 or 6 students).
    Textbooks are available for loan (no charge) or purchase.

If you are interested in evening classes, please call us at (516) 482-2323 or fill out the form on this page. Appointments are available to visit the school and observe a class in progress.

If you are interested in Daytime or Saturday classes, click the links below.

QuickBooks Outline

Introduction/Setting up Quickbooks

Creating a QuickBooks Company

  • The easy step interview
  • Setting up income and expense accounts
  • Entering opening balances

Working with lists

  • Editing the chart of accounts
  • Working with the Customer & Jobs
  • Working with the Employee and Vendor lists

Working with bank accounts

  • Check writing
  • Using bank account registers
  • Entering handwritten checks
  • Transferring money between accounts
  • Reconciling checking accounts

Working with other types of accounts

  • Tracking credit card transactions
  • Working with asset, liability and equity accounts

Entering sales and invoices

  • Filling in a sales form
  • Memorizing a sale
  • Using multiple price levels
  • Using statements to bill customers
  • Tracking backorders

Receiving payments and making deposits

  • Recording customer payments
  • Making deposits
  • Entering and paying bills
  • Handling bills

Using accounts payable

  • Analyzing financial data
  • Creating reports and graphs
  • Memorizing report settings

Setting up inventory

  • Entering products into inventory
  • Ordering and receiving products

Entering bills for inventory

  • Manually adjusting inventory
  • Tracking finished goods

Tracking and paying sales tax

Doing payroll

  • Overview/Setting up payroll
  • Setting up employee payroll information
  • Writing a paychecks
  • Tracking tax liabilities
  • Paying payroll taxes

Estimating and progress invoicing

  • Creating jobs and estimates
  • Writing an estimate
  • Creating multiple estimates

Tracking time

  • Invoicing a customer for time and mileage
  • Displaying project reports for time tracking
  • Customizing forms and writing QuickBooks Letters
  • About forms
  • Customizing invoices

Designing custom layouts for forms

  • Using QuickBooks letters

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