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Permanent Positions Available for Job Seekers

Permanent Employment Opportunities

Are you looking for Permanent Employment? Gloria K is here to offer you opportunities.

Whether you are starting a new career, re-entering the workforce or supplementing your income, Gloria K has the resources to match you with a job that fits your desires and abilities. Gloria K can empower you to find a job that meets your needs. We get to know our candidates in order to refer them to the most appropriate job placements possible. Full-time and part-time positions are available. At Gloria K, we’ll never charge you a fee to find a job.

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We offer placement in the following fields:

Office Legal Accounting IT
Executive Assistants Legal Secretaries Accountants Data Entry
Administrative Assistants Paralegals/Legal Assistants Controllers Network Administrators
Secretaries Sales/Marketing Payroll Desktop Publishing
Word Processing Customer Service Bookkeepers Programmers
Office Managers Sales/Marketing Assistants Financial Analysts

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