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Microsoft Word Features

Mail Merge - Mail Merge is used if you have one letter (message) that you want to send out to many people and personalize it so that each letter containes the name and address of the recipient. This works equally well when addressing envelopes, or creating mailing labels. When using this feature, type your letter and combine it with names and addresses (data source) to create a group (several or hundreds) of personalized letters instantly. Use the same data source to quickly create personalized envelopes and mailing labels.

Styles - Combine formatting features under one name that can be quickly applied to the document elements to save time. For example, if you you wanted to apply bold, underline, and a color such as red to different areas of the document, create a style, give it a name, and apply that style over and over again.

Hyperlink - Turn ordinary text or graphics into a hyperlink when using the hyperlink feature. When the user clicks a hyperlink, they will be taken to another location, such as a web page, another location on the same page,or an e-mail form.

Chart - Create a graphic representation of data by generating a pie, line, bar or other types of charts into the word document. Numbers and words are added to a special area in the program and a chart is generated when using the appropriate command.

SmartArt - a type of graphic/chart that allows you to turn words into a visually appealing object such as a pyramid, flow chart, list or show relationships between one or more items.

Template-A pre-formatted document that can be used repeatedly. Use an existing template or create your own. An example would be a fax cover sheet that is used over and over again. The fax sheet could contain a company logo, company address, and blank placeholders for other infomation, such as recipient infomation. The user can just fill in the blanks with personalized information each time a fax sheet is needed.

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