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Microsoft Access Features

Database - A tool for collecting and organizing information within tables. A database can store information about people, orders, products, or other areas.

Table - A database object that stores a collection of related information. For example a customers table would contain information about customers, such as name, address, and phone number.

Query - The primary method of retrieving a subset of data from a database. A query consists of questions presented to the database to achieve the desired result. Queries can be used to retrieve information from one or multiple tables. For example, if one table contained customer contact information and another contained information about items purchased by these customers, a query can pull information combining data from both tables and can contain customer name, contact phone, and items purchased.

Table Relationships - Used to connect tables together by common fields. Bringing tables together allows for operations such a queries on multiple tables.

Form - An object that allows you to input, edit or view data in your database. The form serves as a graphical user interface for the data. A form contains items such as drop down lists where the user can select from list, check boxes and text boxes to type in information.

Report - Presents the data from a table or query in an attractive, useful manner. Reports use controls to impact the way a report is presented graphically.