Gloria K Full Day Beginner Excel Course


Topics covered in Full Day Course

Excel Full Day Beginner Class

Create, Save and Navigate and Excel Workbook
Enter data into a worksheet
Construct and copy basic formulas
Create a basic chart
Formatting Cells: Merge and Center, Cell Styles
Changing a workbook theme
Printing workbooks, Working with print options



Working with headers and footers
Additional formulas using arthmetic operators
Working with absolute cell references
Calculating percentages
Creating and formatting sparklines
Using Autofill

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About Gloria K

Gloria K is a NYS Licensed computer training center centrally located in Nassau County, Long Island, NY. Our class sizes are small, typically fewer than eight students. All of our courses are taught with a live instructor.

Each student sits at their own computer in a modern setting. We offer additional courses in Microsoft Office, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook, and we also offer a QuickBooks course.