Gloria K Full Day Advanced Excel Course


Topics covered in Full Day Course

Excel Full Day Advanced Class

Creating a PivotTable report
Creating a PivotChart
Creating a 3-D Pie PivotChart
Importing Data into Excel from Other Programs
Clean up and manage imported data



Recording a macro
Assigning shortcut keys or buttons to a macro
Modifying a macro by changing the visual basic code
Using Text Functions
Using Database Functions
Subtotal, Outline and Group a List of Data

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About Gloria K

Gloria K is a NYS Licensed computer training center centrally located in Nassau County, Long Island, NY. Our class sizes are small, typically fewer than eight students. All of our courses are taught with a live instructor.

Each student sits at their own computer in a modern setting. We offer additional courses in Microsoft Office, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook, and we also offer a QuickBooks course.