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Companies Needing Permanent Staff

Permanent Staffing Solutions

Does your company need a permanent employee? Gloria K is here to provide you with staffing solutions.

Gloria K's extensive database of qualified candidates ensures we will find individuals who will succeed in your company and make a positive impact on your business. Our candidates are prescreened and trained to get the job done swiftly and efficiently. Employees can be provided on short notice. Your time is saved by eliminating wasted interviews. Efficiencies are improved with candidates who are a better fit for your requirements.

Complete our online form and one of our representatives will contact you to confirm your request and to obtain additional information necessary to deliver the precise person to fit your needs.

Need help immediately? Contact our Staffing Professionals at
(516) 487-7200 or (718) 423-4444 or e-mail

If you are interested in temporary staff, our Temporary Staffing Division is ready to provide you with highly qualified candidates.

Job Seekers: This form is form is for companies only. If you are a job seeker, click to go to our job seeking page.

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